Young People

Are you a young person using drugs or alcohol?

You may be seeking some advice on how to stay safe when making the decisions to use drugs or alcohol. You may even want to reduce your use or quit altogether.

Our professionals are available to offer emotional support, drug and alcohol awareness and respond to any challenges and lifestyle needs you may have in a confidential space where you can speak openly.

Please contact us if you are under 25 and need support with your drug or alcohol use.

If you are over 25 and need support, please refer to Recovery Near You

Are you a young person concerned about someone else who is using drugs or alcohol?

It is important to start with talking to someone you trust; a youth worker, a teacher or a trusted family member about your concerns and advise your loved one to do the same.

Supporting someone using drugs or alcohol can be hard work  and a very difficult thing for you to deal with. If you feel this way then please contact us.

Wolverhampton 360 can support you and we may be able to get your loved one some support as well.

We are here to support you and check in on your emotional wellbeing under these circumstances. Everyone in our team is trained in drugs and alcohol, their effects and risks to inform you and support you with any difficulties you may be experiencing.

If you are over 18 and need support with a loved ones drug and alcohol use, please see our affected adults page.